Shameless Sunday Scavenger Hunt

Shameless Sunday Scavenger Hunt

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Open to All Attendees, Authors & Shameless Families

  • FREE for Signing Authors and VIP ticket holders
  • Teams consist of of 2-4 participants
  • Hunt anytime Sunday between 9am-9pm
  • This is a photo hunt, so no need to check back in with us at the hotel
  • Clues will be found at either Disney Springs and/or any Disney World Theme Park


  • Fastest to Finish
  • Most Creative Photos
  • Full Completion


  • #Shameless2020 Hotel Room Night(s)
  • #Shameless2020 VIP Ticket(s)
  • Amazon Gift Card(s)

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      Are you ready to HUUUUNT???


      subject to minor changes & updates


      Points will be awarded to teams based on 2 factors:

      1. The adherence to and completion of the clues.
      2. The completely subjective opinions of our judge, Jean, and the team of Shameless Fairies. 
        • We are open to bribery-by-flattery and bribery-by-food gifts during the hours of the Sunday Scavenger Hunt.
        • Think of the subjective points awarded like the Houses of Hogwarts. No one knows why or when or how many they'll get; they just get them.


      Teams must sign up by 9am Sunday.

      • Late registration will be open until 11am but no additional time will be granted.


      The hunt will run from 9am until 9pm on Sunday, October 20th.

      • All photos must be posted by 9pm EDT Sunday.


      Teams must have a name and consist of at least 2 people but no more than 4.

      • Points may be awarded for creative team names.


      The list of clues will be posted on the Shameless Book Club website and linked from the Shameless Book Con Facebook page at 9am Sunday. Only those clues will count for points in the official Scavenger Hunt game.


      All items can be found in public locations on Disney World property. Teams will not have to trespass in any private areas to find items.

      • All team members are responsible for their behavior during the hunt; don't be a dick. 


      How to earn points for each clue: 

      • Post 1 photo that includes the item from the clue to either a public Facebook profile OR public Instagram profile including all of the correct hunt hashtags:
        • #Shameless19
        • #ShamelessScavenger
        • #YOURTEAMNAME (not "YOURTEAMNAME" but your actual team name)
        • #Clue*number* (no asterisks; example: #Clue8)
        • The photo must be taken in the clue's location and clearly show the item in the photo.
          • Only 1 photo per group for each clue needs to be posted.
            • If more than 1 photo is posted by a group per clue, the first one the judge sees will be the one that is counted.
          • A majority of the team's members must be visible in each photo.
            • 2 members visible for teams of 2
            • 2-3 members for teams of 3
            • 3-4 members for teams of 4


          The overall winners of the hunt will be the team to correctly complete the most clues by posting qualifying photos (see #6) in the shortest amount of time. If multiple teams complete all items of the hunt, the team to finish first will win the completion prize.

          • It is in a team’s best interest (as well as in the best interest of our judge) to post photos as you take them, and not wait until the end of the hunt to post them all at once.


          Winners do not have to be on site to win and will be announced on Monday, October 21st on the Shameless Book Con Facebook page.

          • Prizes will be delivered via email.
          • Each winning team member will receive the prize(s) the teams have won.
            • In the case of the hotel room nights won, each member of the winning team will be receive a 1-night stay at the #Shameless2020 hotel during the #Shameless2020 event.


          Major prizes will be awarded for the following feats:

          • Fastest completion of the hunt
          • Most creative images
          • Randomly drawn participating team
            • In order to be eligible for the random team draw prize, a team must submit at least ten item photos.
          • Minor prizes and points may also be awarded to teams who impress the judge (see #10) and suck-up to Shameless Fairies.


          The decisions of the judge are final. Jean (the nice lady you may have met at registration) will be the judge, and she can be bribed with gluten-free baked goods from the Erin McKenna bakery for good measure.

          • Jean and the Shameless Fairies may be found breaking down the Shameless office during the hunt if you need to find them to deliver bribes.
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