Shameless Book Con 2019 Snack Packs

Shameless Book Con 2019 Snack Packs

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Pre-order a snack pack for Shameless Book Con 2019!

Picture it: You're hanging out with your best book buds, waiting patiently to meet your favorite author. And then it hits: the growl. Suddenly, you're hungry, and your stomach is letting everyone know. But you don't want to get out of line to hunt down a Hershey's Kiss from a random table!

You want a snack and you want it NOW.

We know you can get hangry at big events like Shameless. We do, too, and lordy it's not pretty.

Keep the Hangry monster away with a Shameless Snack Pack! 


  • 2 bags of chips
  • 2 granola bars
  • 2 packs of gum
  • 2 bottles of water
  • Shameless souvenir cup

At this time, we can't tell you exactly the flavors of each item, but we won't be filling your bags with extra smelly or extra weird snacks.

BONUS: We're slipping a few random #Shameless2020 🌴 VIP tickets into the bags!

Limited Quantities: Snack Packs may be available onsite, but we can't guarantee it! Pre-order to pick up your Snack Pack at registration.

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