Shameless Book Con 2021
Shameless Book Con 2021
Shameless Book Con 2021
Shameless Book Con 2021
Shameless Book Con 2021
Shameless Book Con 2021
Shameless Book Con 2021
Shameless Book Con 2021
Shameless Book Con 2021

Shameless Book Con 2021

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Shameless Book Con 2021 presented by Addison Cain is a romance author signing event in Orlando hosted by Shameless Book Club for all romance book readers and fangirls to meet their favorite authors: NOVEMBER 12th-14th, 2021. Our #Shameless21 event will be held at Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, an Official Walt Disney World® Hotel! (Please see our announcement about the event hotel relocation.)


Who is signing? The updated MEGA list of authors signing at Shameless Book Con can be found here

Tickets purchased for the rescheduled 2020 event are valid for the 2021 event.

Each order is limited to 1 ticket per ticket type. To purchase more than 1 ticket of a specific type, please complete a new order.

NOTE: The name you use for the order will be the same name used on your name badge. Once you've completed your order and received your emailed ticket, you will be able to edit the name on your badge if needed. (Only VIP, All-Day Saturday, & Signing-Only tickets include personalized name badges.)

By purchasing a ticket and attending Shameless Book Con, you agree to the health and safety rules we will be enforcing. Detailed health and safety rules and information can be found below and on our FAQ page.

What's Included


VIP Party
Author Showcase
Saturday Signing Early Access
Saturday Signing
The Smut Gala
Scavenger Hunt

Also includes VIP swag tote bag & personalized name badge

All-Day Saturday

Author Showcase
Saturday Signing
The Smut Gala

Also includes tote bag & personalized name badge


Author Showcase
Saturday Signing

Also includes tote bag & personalized name badge

No-Frills Signing-Only Saturday Signing
The Smut Gala The Smut Gala
Sunday Event Sunday Shameless BINGO w/ Authors
Scavenger Hunt Sunday Photo Scavenger Hunt
Dear Mistress Dear Mistress: Session 1 or Session 2
(on sale this summer; sign up to get updates)

Ticket Availability

Tickets may also be purchased at the event, depending on availability.

Ticket Delivery

Once you've completed your order, two emails will be sent to you: one that is a receipt of your purchase and one that includes a link to download your ticket. 

You may either print out a PDF version of your ticket, save it to your phone, or add it to your Apple Wallet to be scanned at registration.

Transfers & Refunds

Refunds are not available for ticket purchases.

EXCEPTION: If you are on the waitlist for VIP tickets and are then able to purchase, we will refund the difference for your ticket purchased.

You may transfer your ticket to another attendee using the information provided in the email you'll receive that includes your ticket.



*subject to change

VIP Cocktail Party
Sponsored by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Friday – 5pm-6:30pm

You definitely don't want to miss the chance to mingle with your favorite authors over a glass or two of liquid courage! Our VIP Cocktail Party is where authors and attendees hang out together with a plate of hors d'oeuvres and desserts alongside a few dozen up-and-coming authors and vendors we think deserve a spotlight.

Author Showcase
Sponsored by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Friday – 6:30pm-9pm

ALL registered ticket holders are invited to stop by the Author Showcase where new-to-you authors will be introducing themselves to the romance community. Our handpicked vendors will also have their tables set up and ready for you to shop. The cash bars will be open with specialty drinks made just for you!

Author Signing Early Access

Saturday – 11am-12pm

You're VIP, baby! The doors to the author signing open an hour early for you to get a head start on meeting your favorite romance authors.

Author Signing 

Saturday – 12pm-5pm

This is why you're at Shameless! Over 150 romance authors are here in person to meet you, introduce you to their newest releases, and squee a little bit when they see you. From 12pm-5pm, the expo hall will be open for all ticketed attendees to get the chance to meet your favorite authors and discover new-to-you authors. Be on the look-out for our charity raffle, giveaways, scavenger hunts, and all kinds of fun extras we have planned!

The Smut Gala – Havana Nights
Sponsored by Haylee Thorne & Justin Edwards

Saturday – 9pm-12am

You've been to other events' after-parties that probably didn't impress you. But OUR after-party, The Smut Gala, will blow your mind! Our after-party is one you actually want to attend. This year, The Smut Gala sponsored by Haylee Thorne and Justin Edwards will be an incredible party in an incredible space where everyone is letting loose.

Sunday Shameless BINGO w/ Authors

Sunday – 10am-12pm

Join your favorite authors for a Sunday event to finish off your Shameless weekend on a high note!

We're inviting you to Shameless BINGO! But this isn't your grandma's B-I-N-G-O; it's an all-out, no-holds-barred fun-fest Shameless version of the game where you'll get to know authors and end up with an armful of goodies. Some of our favorite authors are going all out, each with their own table to entice you to want to sit with them. Think: stacks of books, bags of swag, and over-the-top gift baskets, all waiting for you to win.

    • Swag GALORE!
    • Lots of chances to win all kinds of good stuff!
    • Gourmet coffee & international tea service + pastries available

Team Photo Scavenger Hunt

Sunday – 9am-9pm

Open to All Attendees, Authors & Shameless Families!

  • FREE for Signing Authors and VIP ticket holders
  • Teams consist of of 2-4 participants; each participant requires a ticket
  • Hunt anytime Sunday between 9am-9pm
  • This is a photo hunt, so no need to check back in with us at the hotel
  • Clues will be found at either Disney Springs and/or any Disney World Theme Park

Rules will be released this fall

Dear Mistress
Sponsored by Angera Allen

Thursday – 8pm-10pm; Friday – 8pm-10pm

Tickets on sale this summer
Sign up to get updates


Along with an intensive Q&A, sessions will include exhibitions of BDSM play and the opportunity to have hands-on experience with Dear Mistress's extensive collection of implements.

Open to VIP, All-Day or Signing-Only ticket holders, paid author assistants, and Shameless signing authors.


No alcohol will be served nor permitted at the Dear Mistress event
Anyone visibly or suspected to be under the influence will be asked to leave immediately and refunds will not be provided.

Dear Mistress has first and last right of refusal for every attendee
Because of the nature of this event, Shameless Book Club has the right to cancel  anyone's ticket at any time.

Your consent and privacy is required
Every attendee will be required to sign and adhere to the policies set by Dear Mistress.

Purchasing a ticket and attending a Dear Mistress session is with the understanding of the rules and release of liability (below).

We abide by our lifestyle motto at all times:


This event is a safe, private, and welcoming space for all those who attend and must be treated as such. Respect for everyone and everything is required.

  • All play shall be consensual and voluntary
  • NO alcohol or illegal substances of any kind is permitted
    • If you are visibly under the influence, you will be escorted out
  • NO photos or recordings of any kind are permitted
    • Phones must be turned off and put away; if we see your phone, you will be escorted out
  • You are not permitted to touch any implement or piece of equipment unless given permission by Dear Mistress
  • If a demo is taking place, proper scene etiquette is required
    • Do not interfere or invade scene space
    • Respect the collar of anyone who is collared


    I am at least 18 years of age and am freely and voluntarily choosing to attend this event and can participate, should I choose to do so, in demonstrations, or simply observe. I understand that the subjects discussed and demonstrated are adult oriented and/or sexually explicit and can involve acts of domination, submission, bondage, and discipline, and other activities, including, but not limited to, spanking, paddling, whipping, wax play, electro-stimulation, and bondage. I understand that these activities involve certain risks and will only be performed on me willingly by me giving my explicit consent. If I choose to refrain from any activity, I can do so at any time. If I am offered the opportunity to experience any sensation or technique, I may refuse at any time, and there will be no negative consequences. 


    As consideration for being permitted to enter the event, and to view and participate in these activities, and to use the facilities and equipment being provided, I agree that neither I nor anyone through me or on my behalf will make any claim against Shameless Book Con or Shameless Book Club, or anyone affiliated with this event, and I hereby release them from any and all claims, demands, actions or rights of action, of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, arising from, or by reason of, my attendance at, or participation in, the event or activities.


    I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Shameless Book Con and Shameless Book Club and all individuals described above, from any loss, liability, injury, damage or cost that they may occur or that they may incur due to my presence or my actions at the event, whether caused by my negligence or otherwise.


    Grace Goodwin – Gold Sponsor

    Additional Info

    Attendee Group

    Join the Facebook Attendee Group to keep up-to-date on all the event details, get to know attendees and authors, find a roommate, and all the fun pre-gaming you can stand!


    Find all of the info you need on booking hotel rooms for the event here!


    We're stocking our shelves with merch so you can stock up on Shameless. Check out the t-shirts, tote bags, pins, and more in our merch shop!


    Age Limits

      • All Events: 16+
      • The Smut Gala & Dear Mistress: 21+

    Rolling Carts (read more here)

      • Allowed: Soft-sided rolling carts, no larger than an airline carry-on
      • Not Allowed: Hard-sided rolling carts, no matter how big or small; suitcases larger than an airline carry-on; wagons; strollers

    Signing at Shameless

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