Shameless Book Con 2019 Drink Tickets
Shameless Book Con 2019 Drink Tickets
Shameless Book Con 2019 Drink Tickets
Shameless Book Con 2019 Drink Tickets

Shameless Book Con 2019 Drink Tickets

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We are working to get more that will be available at the info table at the signing. Stay updated in the Attendees Facebook group on where to get them!

Pre-order your discounted drink tickets for Shameless Book Con 2019!

Thanks to some tough negotiating, we were able to strike an awesome drink deal with the event hotel especially for our attendees: $9 Signature Drinks!

These discounted drink tickets will be available ONLY through Shameless Book Con. Purchase your drink ticket vouchers now and you'll be able to pick them up at registration.

Our signature drinks are always super popular and super delicious, and thanks to your feedback, this year we're spreading the yummy love around to several events.

We'll have bars open at the VIP/Showcase event on Friday evening, the Smuffin party, at the Author Signing on Saturday (for the first time thanks to our sponsors!), and at The Smut Gala on Saturday night.

Our Signature Drinks will be available with a drink ticket at a discount of just $9!

Drink tickets may be available for sale on-site, but there will be limited quantities. We highly suggest getting your drink tickets NOW!

Each of our Signature Drinks (listed below), wine, beer, and other mixed drinks will be $10-12+ during the events when purchased at the bars. With a pre-ordered drink ticket, you're saving cash for more books! 

AUTHORS: Drink tickets are great giveaways to have at your table!

Share your tickets with friends 21+, give them away to make friends, or keep them for yourself to drink your worries away! And don't forget to tip the bartenders!

Special thanks to our Signing Bar and Smut Gala Bar sponsors, Danielle Norman and Haylee Thorne!


  • Drink tickets may also be used to purchase any drink priced $9 or less
  • Any difference in drink price will not be refunded
  • Drink ticket may not be applied to drinks more than $9
  • Drink tickets may be used ONLY at Shameless Book Con 2019 official events: VIP/Showcase, Smuffin Party, Author Signing, & The Smut Gala
  • Not redeemable for cash

Be responsible when consuming alcohol. No one likes a sloppy drunk.

    Friday's VIP Cocktail Party/Author Showcase

    The Enchanted Rose

    1 shot rum
    Generous grenadine
    Lemon-lime soda
    Garnish with a strawberry

    Saturday's Signing Bar Signature Drinks

    Danielle Norman’s Iron Orchid

    Two parts pink lemonade
    One part vodka
    Simple syrup
    Garnish with a lemon slice or twist

    Haylee Thorne’s Kingsley Sunrise

    Two parts orange juice
    One part tequila
    Splash of grenadine
    Garnish with orange slice and cherry

    Saturday's Smut Gala Bar Signature Drinks

    Danielle Norman’s Poison Apple

    Two parts apple juice
    One part vodka
    One part ginger ale
    Garnish with mint sprig

    Haylee Thorne’s Forbidden Fruit

    Equal parts rum, orange juice, pineapple juice
    Garnish with an orange slice

    Available to guests 21+
    Shameless Book Con (SBC, LLC) is not licensed to sell alcohol in the state of Florida and does not participate in the transaction or sale of alcoholic beverages.
    Sale of drink voucher does not equate to sale of alcohol at the event location, Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista.

     Still need your Shameless Book Con 2019 ticket? Get it now!