Yes, It's Completely Normal To Wear Mickey Ears At Disney World (& At Shameless!)

If you've never been to Disney World, you may not think adult people are walking around wearing Mickey Mouse ears headbands on their heads. But lemme tell ya, Mickey – ahem, Minnie Mouse – ears are everywhere you look at all the Disney World theme parks, shopping, hotels, and even at Shameless Book Con!

Some Minnie ears headbands are simple black ears and some are straight from fashion designers, decorated in different themes and in more characters that you can think of.

When buying your Mickey and Minnie ears, check the size. Some are available in Adult sizes and in Youth sizes. Make sure you pick the right size, or if you're someone like me with a ginormous head, your head will be squeezed like a grape in the Youth headbands.

Some Mickey ears are limited edition, so if you see a pair you can't pass up, DON'T!

These are our favorite Minnie Mouse ears currently available at ShopDisney, but we can't guarantee how long they'll be available:



Minnie Mouse Sequined Ear Headband

Minnie Mouse Sequin Ear Headband

Minnie Mouse Sequined Ear Headband with Belle Bronze Bow

Minnie Mouse Satin Polka Dot Bow Ear Headband

The Haunted Mansion Tightrope Walker Ears Headband

Pixar Ball Ear Headband for Adults by Loungefly

Lollipop Ear Headband

Minnie Mouse Donut Ear Headband

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband by Betsey Johnson

Minnie Mouse Large Bow Headband

Minnie Mouse Animal Print Ear Headband – Disney's Animal Kingdom

Mickey Mouse Birthday Ear Headband