Sunday At Shameless: BINGO & A Fire Sale!

The Shameless weekend isn't over on Sunday! We have 2 events we want you to participate in and keep the fun going on Sunday, November 6th!

BINGO sponsored by Felicia Fox

First, we're excited to bring BINGO back to Shameless, but this year, with a *twist*! Along with our fun, friendly game of BINGO, we've invited The Woodshed, Orlando's premiere kink club, to be a "prize"!

Come on Sunday morning and play along with Felicia Fox and The Woodshed!

If you win a game of BINGO, and if you dare, you can choose a mini session with a specialist and the implement of your choice. Let the professionals tease you with a spank, a tickle, or a few smacks!

Just know, it's your choice to participate in the *twist*! There's no shame in just playing along and choosing a traditional prize. We want everyone to have fun!

TIME: 10am-12pm
LOCATION: Meyer Breakout Room

Buy your ticket to Sunday BINGO now!


Second, we're having a Fire Sale! Because 2022 is our last year for Shameless Book Con, we have lots of materials, swag, and decorations to offer.

If you're someone who loves collecting swag or can't pass up a flea market, this is for you!

It's also the perfect opportunity for anyone who plans events to stock up on some decor.

Or are you a teacher, a theater manager, or maybe a parent coordinator who needs to add to your stock?

Get your butt into the Shameless Fire Sale, and take home some goodies! EVERYTHING GOES!

TIME: 9am-1pm (or when everything sells out)
LOCATION: Shameless Office — Pindo Breakout Room

The Shameless Fire Sale is free for everyone — no ticket required!