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What are you doing to make sure I'm safe at Shameless?

Short answer: Everything possible.

Long answer: As we continue to plan for #Shameless21, we are confident that the event will go on with the added health safety measures recommended by the CDC. Things will look different, but that's nothing new to anyone who was awake for 2020 and into 2021. While we will have our own enhanced safety protocols in place that will go above and beyond current CDC guidelines, the event hotel staff has assured us they are creating a safe space to visit.

A negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours
Opt-out of testing with proof of full COVID-19 vaccination
Negative COVID-19 Test COVID-19 Vaccination*
• Must be dated less than 48 hours prior to registration
• Paper or phone results are OK
• Pharmacy-administered tests may be either PCR or rapid (antigen)
• Self-administered/over-the-counter rapid tests must be performed onsite at pre-registration; any FDA-approved OTC test is acceptable
– You will be provided a semi-private area to perform the test you bring with you. Check in at pre-registration before performing your test.
• Original vaccination card
• Document scan on phone
• Photo on phone
• Government agency approved vaccine passport or app

The name on your government-issued ID matching your test or vaccination record is also required to receive your event ticket.

Documentation for either testing or vaccination can be physical or virtual. A scan or photo taken of the document is acceptable. 
Your name must match your test/vax proof, your government ID, and your ticket, but it doesn't have to be 100% exact. We're not a government entity or insurance company, so don't be too worried that we will deny your entry for something like a hyphen or extra middle name!

Your ticket was re-issued on October 29th in an email that included a link to a page where you can update your name on your badge and provide us your name on your ID. Please use that link to update your name, if necessary.

If you don't see the email, check your spam for an email with the subject line: "Your Ticket For Shameless Book Con 2021 Has Been Updated – Please Read!" from Shameless Book Con 2021 <angie@shamelessbookclub.com>.

*In general, people are considered fully vaccinated: 2 weeks after second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or 2 weeks after single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine If you don’t meet these requirements, regardless of your age, you are NOT fully vaccinated. This guidance is also be applied to COVID-19 vaccines that have been listed for emergency use by the World Health Organization (e.g. AstraZeneca/Oxford). via CDC.gov

**Free COVID-19 tests are available at most pharmacies. The Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista is in Orange County but is near the border of Osceola County. Find COVID-19 testing locations in Orange County and Osceola County. You can also purchase an over-the-counter rapid test from pharmacy retailers. Over-the-counter rapid tests may be available for purchase from us. Details to come.

– Face masks worn over the nose and mouth will be mandatory for everyone at Shameless Book Con events. Single-layer masks, gaiters, face-shields (on their own), and other thin masks will not be permitted. Only well-fitting, 3-layer cloth masks, surgical masks, KN-95 masks, and N95 respirator masks will be allowed. (Follow the CDC guidance regarding masks and mask wearing.)

– Anti-bacterial gel will be available throughout the event spaces and should be used frequently. I highly recommend you have your own travel bottle carried with you at all times.

– Hugging anyone outside of your familiarity bubble is discouraged.

– Removing masks for photos is only allowed outside.

– Listen to and respect Shameless staff and volunteers when reminded of regulations.

– Abide by social distancing practices.

– Stay home if you feel sick or feverish, or are not fully vaccinated and have recently been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for, or is suspected of having, COVID-19.

– If you are asked to leave an event for not abiding by the rules, depart with dignity. These guidelines may change and be updated on our FAQ page as the CDC evolves their guidelines.


With the strict protocol implemented for this event, some notable changes will be made to the event:

– We will have timed entry into the author signing events. Details to come.

The Smut Gala – now the Shameless Patio Party! – will now be held outdoors as a patio party from 7pm – 10pm. Details on the ticket buying page.

– There will be no Scavenger Hunt. Refunds will be processed.

– There will be no Dear Mistress events.

– We will not have an on-site bookseller.

– Attendees with VIP, All-Day Saturday, or Signing-Only tickets who choose NOT attend to in person may have their swag bag (with swag!) shipped to them. If you do not RSVP on this form by Monday, November 8th, to have your bag shipped, you may not receive a swag bag! If your shipping address needs to be updated, you can also request an update on the RSVP form: https://sbkc.us/ticketform21

By attending Shameless Book Con 2021, you understand that SBC, LLC and its affiliates are enacting measures to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, and you agree to abide by the regulations we put into place. While we can’t fully prevent possible virus spread, we will do everything in our power – including actively enforcing all guidelines – to help prevent it.

Please know: we err on the side of health and safety! Our rules and regulations may be more strict than those recommended by the CDC or in place at the hotel before and at the time of the event. We will be strictly enforcing our regulations, and anyone not abiding by them may be asked to leave without a refund. 

We’re moving forward with planning as though the event were happening today under current CDC health guidelines. 

Our regulations will be posted on our FAQ page and announced on our Facebook page; regulations may be updated prior to and during the event without warning, as necessary.

What Shameless staff and volunteers will be doing:

  • Fully vaccinated against COVID-19; any Shameless volunteer or staff who feels sick or feverish will not attend
  • Wearing a mask over the nose and mouth is required for all Shameless staff and volunteers
  • Separating author signing tables as much as possible
    • Maintaining lines in order to abide by social distancing policies
    • Providing antibacterial hand sanitizer inside and directly outside event spaces
    • Respectfully reminding anyone in attendance of possible rule violations and listening to explanations

    What we ask everyone in attendance to do:

    • Get a COVID-19 vaccine
      • Although we cannot require a COVID-19 vaccine prior to entry (if we could require them, we would), we highly encourage everyone in attendance to be fully vaccinated.
      • We understand there are people who cannot be vaccinated and want to make the event as safe as possible for you. This is why we're going to great lengths to stay healthy for everyone.
    • Listen to and respect Shameless staff and volunteers when reminded of regulations
    • Wear a mask over the nose and mouth inside all events and directly outside event areas
    • Carry personal antibacterial hand sanitizer and use as much as possible
    • Abide by social distancing practices
    • Stay home if you feel sick or feverish, or are not fully vaccinated and have recently been in close contact with anyone who is suspected of having COVID-19
    • If asked to leave an event, depart with dignity

    It is the responsibility of each person in attendance to follow protocols as recommended by the CDC and those put in place by Shameless in order to stop the spread of COVID-19; however, we cannot guarantee that you will not be impacted by the coronavirus/COVID-19. 

    Specific details about the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista cleaning and safety protocols are available on their website and on this Hilton CleanStay Guest Experience fact sheet. 


    What's the deal with 2020?

    Sister, if we knew, we'd be bazillionaires. In terms of Shameless Book Con, our 2020 event was rescheduled to November 12-14, 2021. Literally, just picked up and moved on the calendar to a new year.

    All tickets purchased for the 2020 event will be good for the 2021 event!


    How can I buy a ticket?

    You may purchase a Shameless Book Con ticket on this very website this spring! More details will come and will be announced on our Facebook page and in the Attendees Facebook group

    Check the ticket buy/sell post in the Attendees Facebook group to purchase tickets from attendees unable to attend.

    Tickets may also be purchased at the event, depending on availability.

    What does my ticket get me into?

    ALL of the ticket info you need can be found on the ticket buying page.

    How many tickets can I buy at a time?

    Each person may purchase 1 ticket per order. Each attendee needs to have a ticket in their own name because we use name badges for entrance. (No-Frills tickets do not include a name badge.)

    Update the name(s) on your order and your badge using the update/transfer link included in the email you received with a PDF of your ticket.

    How can I get a Dear Mistress ticket?

    Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not hold a Dear Mistress event this year.

    I need assistance with my books or help during the signing. Does my companion need a ticket?

    Every person entering the signing event must have a ticket. We offer a “No-Frills” ticket that an assistance companion may purchase. Please let us know at registration that your companion has a No-Frills ticket in order to be able to check-in with you.

    How do I transfer a ticket?

    Ticket holders may sell or give away their ticket to another attendee:

    The ticket purchaser received an email with a PDF copy of the ticket(s) they purchased. Within that email, there is a link in the email that will allow you to edit or transfer the ticket.

    Ticket refunds are not available


    Where do I find authors' pre-orders?

    Head on over to the Attendees Group on Facebook where they will be posted when available.

    Where can I get to know attendees and authors before the event?

    Join the Shameless Book Con Attendees group on Facebook! SO MUCH info is there, plus it's where we make announcements and authors give away free books.

    Where can I get Shameless swag and t-shirts?

    Find all of our merch here on this website!

    Where can I buy discounted Disney World tickets?

    Lucky you, we have a special page just for buying Disney World tickets at a discount!


    Where is this shindig taking place?

    Originally, the event was scheduled to take place at Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace. 

    On June 22, 2021, we announced the relocation of the event to the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista. You can read all about the relocation and information on hotel reservations here.


    Google mapshotel website

    Can I bring my young kids?

    No. Shameless Book Con is an adults-only event.

    • No one under 16 will be admitted into any event; however baby-wearing is OK

    How much cash should I expect to bring?

    The short answer is to bring what you think you'll spend.

    The long answer is... it's complicated.

    Most authors who are selling books and swag at their tables will accept your credit card for payments. Any food and drinks you'll purchase through the hotel will also be available via your credit card.

    Charity raffle tickets will be available with cash. That may change and we may add the ability to purchase with a credit card, but we can't guarantee that at this time.

    What vendors will be in attendance?

    Several vendors will be peddling their wares on Friday night during the VIP Cocktail Party/Author Showcase and on Saturday during the main signing. Here are the vendors who have signed up to be at #Shameless21:

    Editing 4 Indies
    Frills & Freckles
    Mystic Box LLC
    Steampunk Garage
    Wonderland Book Sleeve
    Write Me Wicked

    Can I bring a rolling cart into the signing?

    Yes, but we have strict restrictions on which carts are allowed in the signing. Please read here about what types of carts are or are not permitted into the event.

    Will there be water available inside the signing event?

    Unfortunately, we won't have water stations available inside of the event rooms this year, but there is a convenient water fountain and bottle filler just outside our signing ballroom!

    Where do I line up to enter the event?

    Lines will be marked outside of the event ballroom and a map of lines is ⤵️.

    Can I hold a place in line for my friends?

    Absolutely! We know lots of you will be lining up early to enter the signing and will be waiting in lines to meet your favorite authors. And we know not everyone is able stand for long periods or go hours without using the potty. Ask a friend or neighbor to save your spot in line while you get a drink, rest your feet, or use the loo. Make sure you return the favor!

    Do you have a map of events?

    We sure do! Tap the map to view larger.

    Where can I find a seating chart for the author signing?

    Find it in the Attendee Group on Facebook just before the signing starts!

    What is happening and when? I need a schedule!

    *crazy Kermit arms* The schedule of events is available on the Ticket Buying Info Page. The map of events is ^^^. 

    How can I ship my books home after the signing?

    FedEx has a shipping office onsite at the hotel and will be open especially for us from 4:00-7:00pm on Saturday, November 14th. Prices for shipping are available from FedEx.

    Am I required to dress up for The Shameless Patio Party?

    Technically, no. 

    But really, how many times a year do you get to snazz yourself up and feel incredible while hanging out with a few hundred of your closest friends? 

    It's an outdoor party at the patio! Dress comfortably or dress up; put on a swimsuit or wear your favorite pair of jeans. We're hosting the party and you're showing up to have fun!


    How can I book a room at the event hotel?

    All of the info you need can be found here.

    How much will parking at the hotel cost?

    Our guests – both overnight and daily – will receive a 50% discount on prevailing self-parking rates. 

    Discount vouchers will be available at the Shameless Registration desk for guests NOT staying at the hotel, who will use the voucher to apply the discount to the payment upon exiting the parking lot.

    Guests staying at either of the hotels will use their room key to enter/exit the parking lot and the discount will be automatically applied to their account.

    Guests staying at the Palace will need a parking pass available at Shameless registration in order to park at LBV at no additional cost.

    As of October 2021, the parking rate is $22/day which makes our rate $11/day. Valet parking is not available. Subject to change.


    How do I know that attending Shameless Book Con is going to be worth my time?

    Don't take it from us; take it from these past attendees!

    What a fabulous event! It's organized and put together very nicely. The organizers and all the volunteers are incredibly friendly and helpful. The author lineup is outstanding. And the After Party is the party of the year -- you don't want to miss that! I highly recommend this signing event!! ~Kim C

    Shameless was my first ever event and I definitely picked the best! From the staff to volunteers to the authors everyone was super nice. I loved being able to meet and socialize with other readers and authors. I would encourage any book lover to attend this amazing and fabulous event!! ~April MH

    Such an amazing weekend of readers and authors coming together to bond over our mutual love of reading. Well run event, so organized and so much fun. ~Heather R

    How do I become a sponsor?

    Thanks for asking! All that info is here: Shameless Book Con Sponsorship Opportunities

    How do I contact you about...

    Author, Sponsor or Vendor interest? Author, Sponsor & Vendor Interest Form
    Booking a room at the hotel? Book Now
    Buying Disney World tickets? Get Shameless Disney World Tickets

    Your answer isn't here? Contact us!