Shameless Book Con FAQ

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How can I buy a ticket?

You may purchase a Shameless Book Con ticket on this very website! Tickets may also be purchased at the event, depending on availability.

What does my ticket get me into?

ALL of the ticket info you need can be found on the ticket buying page.

How many tickets can I buy at a time?

Each person may purchase up to 2 tickets. Each attendee needs to have a ticket in their own name because we use name badges for entrance. (No-Frills tickets do not include a name badge.)

How can I get a Meet Dear Mistress ticket?

Our hugely popular event sold out in just a few hours, and if you weren't on the notification list, you probably missed out. We have a waitlist you can join if you're interested in attending. See the info here.

I need assistance with my books or help during the signing. Does my companion need a ticket?

Every person entering the signing event must have a ticket. We offer a “No-Frills” ticket that an assistance companion may purchase. Please let us know at registration that your companion has a No-Frills ticket in order to be able to check-in with you.

    How do I transfer a ticket?

    Ticket holders may sell or give away their ticket to another attendee. Transfers can be done one of two ways:

    The ticket purchaser received an email with a PDF copy of the ticket(s) they purchased. Within that email, there is a link in the email that will allow you to edit or transfer the ticket.

    OR... Fill out this form

    Ticket refunds are not available

    Can I bring my kids?

    No. Shameless Book Con is an adults-only event.

    • No one under 16 will be admitted into the signing or Friday events; however baby-wearing is OK
    • No one under 21 will be admitted into The Smut Gala

    Where do I find authors' pre-orders?

    Head on over to the Attendees Group on Facebook or find the pre-order forms authors have submitted on this list.

    Can I bring a rolling cart into the signing?

    Yes, but we have strict restrictions on which carts are allowed in the signing. Please read here about what types of carts are or are not permitted into the event.

    Where can I get to know attendees and authors before the event?

    Join the Shameless Book Con Attendees group on Facebook! SO MUCH info is there, plus it's where we make announcements and authors give away free books.

    How much will parking at the hotel cost?

    Our guests will receive a $5.00/day discount on prevailing self-parking rates. (As of 5/01/19, the self-parking rate is $23/day which would make our cost $18/day.)

    How much cash should I expect to bring?

    The short answer is to bring what you think you'll spend.

    The long answer is... it's complicated.
    Most authors who are selling books and swag at their tables will accept your credit card for payments. Any food and drinks you'll purchase through the hotel will also be available via your credit card.
    Charity raffle tickets will be available with cash. That may change and we may add the ability to purchase with a credit card, but we can't guarantee that at this time.

    Am I required to dress in a costume for The Smut Gala?

    Technically, no. 

    But really, how many times a year do you get to snazz yourself up and feel incredible while hanging out with a few hundred of your closest friends? Plus, we'll be just days before Halloween, and you don't want to be that guy who shows up to the party underdressed.

    Anything goes at our Gala, and we've seen some incredible creations. Get your Smut on and you could be a prize winner!

    Where can I get Shameless swag and t-shirts?

    Find all of our gear at our Zazzle store and here on this website!

    How do I know that attending Shameless Book Con is going to be worth my time?

    Don't take it from us; take it from these past attendees!

    What a fabulous event! It's organized and put together very nicely. The organizers and all the volunteers are incredibly friendly and helpful. The author lineup is outstanding. And the After Party is the party of the year -- you don't want to miss that! I highly recommend this signing event!! ~Kim C

    Shameless was my first ever event and I definitely picked the best! From the staff to volunteers to the authors everyone was super nice. I loved being able to meet and socialize with other readers and authors. I would encourage any book lover to attend this amazing and fabulous event!! ~April MH

    Such an amazing weekend of readers and authors coming together to bond over our mutual love of reading. Well run event, so organized and so much fun. ~Heather R

    Where can I buy discounted Disney World tickets?

    Lucky you, we have a special page just for buying Disney World tickets at a discount!

    How do I contact you about...

    Author, Sponsor or Vendor interest? Author, Sponsor & Vendor Interest Form
    Booking a room at the hotel? Book Your Hotel Room
    Buying Disney World tickets? Get Shameless Disney World Tickets

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