Announcing Our Platinum Sponsor, Addison Cain!

We are so beyond thrilled to announce our Platinum sponsor this year . . .

Addison Cain is the best-selling author of several deliciously dark paranormal romance books, and she's looking forward to helping make Shameless Book Con 2021 🌴 our best event yet!


If you've read her books, you know just how deep and dark she goes into the worlds she creates. And if you haven't yet read Addison Cain, don't wait! Get Born To Be Bound now for FREE and find out why Anna Zaires says it's "deliciously filthy."

Angela recently read Swallow It Down and had this to say about it in her ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ recommendation:

I am a huge fan of dystopian book worlds so I jumped on this story the moment I saw Addison was putting it out. The characters are repulsive and raw, showing the real grit and grim of the new world they are living in and it can be brutal at times. It chills me to the bone to imagine a world where these things actually take place. True to Addison's writing style, she leaves very little to the imagination, not walking the line of deplorable but happily leaping right over it. The Captain is a very interesting character who I definitely spent a decent amount of time yelling at in my head. I know some readers had a hard time connecting to Eugenia but, for me, I understood her struggles and fight. She did what she had to do and even though this love story is not perfect or everyone’s cup of tea, I felt like it was so accurately portrayed in the environment it was born into. There is desire, lust, unspeakable actions, and at times uncontrollable anger, but man, it makes for some good reading!

Check out Addison Cain's books now so you'll be well-versed in her worlds when you meet her at Shameless Book Con 2021! Help us welcome her as our Platinum sponsor as well as our tote bags sponsor – we can't wait to host an author signing that Addison – and you – will be proud to attend!

Get your tickets now to meet Addison and 100+ romance authors signing at Shameless Book Con 2021🌴.

Welcome, Addison!


Addison Cain